SABEN BHR 40×60 – 50×70

Automatic Steam Transfer Heat Press and Sequin Application Machines

Areas of use:
It is used for transfer heat press, sequin application, and printing processes especially for sewn products and the products that have a higher contraction rate and are exposed to discoloration when heated. Transfer heat press operates via a pneumatic system. The head on the upper heater table is loaded onto the induction shaft and it can; thus, very easily moves automatically rightward and leftward. This body is also equipped with a control panel. Heat, time, and pressure can be adjusted on the control panel. Lower tables are heated via steam and supported with a steam unit independently from the machine. Transfer heat pressure can be adjusted between 0 to 6 bars depending on the assignment. The upper heater table is coated with a special Teflon tape that prevents any damage to the products worked. The lower tables have; on the other hand, special premium quality sponges with higher silicon rate and resistance against heat and pressure.



BHR 40×60

BHR 50×70

FUSING DURATION 10 – 60 SN 10 – 60 SN
PRESSURE 0 – 15 KG 0 – 15 KG
MAX TEMPERATURE 0 – 200 °C 0 – 200 °C
VOLTAGE 380V AC 50 HZ 380V AC 50 HZ
DIMENSIONS 94 x 130 x 151 cm 94 x 150 x 151 cm
WEIGHT 310 kg 370 kg