Feeding and Stacking System

Areas of use: 
It is used in interlining bonding and ironing systems, Its application area is mostly the bonding of suits, shirts, trousers and t-shirt interlinings. Thanks to the PVC conveyor at the entrance, heat loss has been greatly reduced and electricity consumption has been greatly reduced. Thanks to the pneumatic system, the sensitivity in Tefl on tapes is minimized, and the most ideal, homogeneous printing and correct bonding are obtained thanks to the large diameter printing rollers. By using  Seamless Antistatic Tefl on tapes in our machines, the trace problems on the products have been removed and the tape life has been extended further. There are two groups of specially designed whale resistance systems in our machines, and the sensitivity is increased by controlling the band surface in equal degrees and in four regions as upper and lower. Thanks to the ergonomic rotating silicone scrapers in our machine, while cleaning the surface
of the tape, the products coming out from the other side are collected. According to the models, Saben F – Lo series can be produced in accordance with 60-75-100-120-140-160 cm working area.

Feeding unit:
Thanks to this system, a feeding system can be added according to the band widths of the machine and more effi cient operation is ensured. Correct interlining bonding takes place during the transition of the work product, heat and printing zone. Thanks to the feeding system, it is ensured that each personnel produce products equally, according to the bandwidth of the interlining press used, and thus it is suitable for full use. Since there is no heated area in the feeding unit, no bonding process is started until the product enters the tunnel and correct bonding is achieved.

Stacking unit:
Since the product is exposed to heat and pressure in the interlining process, handprints and bubbles can be seen on the product because it is intervened without resting at the exit. These problems cause deformation at the production stage and cannot be considered as correct bonding. If we consider the personnel costs in today’s conditions, thanks to automatic stacking, 2 to 4 personnel are benefi ted according to the job at the machine exit. Afterwards, by performing automatic stable stacking, both the product is not contacted while it is hot, and correct bonding is achieved by performing a proper stacking.

Magnetic Metal Holder Bar:
Seamless tefl on tapes and silicone rollers used in the production of the interlining press are among the products that we do not want to be damaged. It is optionally designed to prevent any unintentional metal product, such as a pin that can be forgotten on the products being worked on, or scissors used by the working personnel, from working zone, due to early deformation in terms of cost.

Static Receiver Bar:
If the products being worked on are exposed to heat according to their characteristics, the electrifi cation that occurs in the moving environment may cause the product to move at the exit in the absence of a static receiver bar. This is one of the situations we do not want to happen. As a precaution, the static bar can be optionally added to the machine and a perfect collection is performed.